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Henry Freight Solutions

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Henry Freight SolutionsHenry Industries, Inc. is excited to announce that we are expanding the services to our customers with our Freight Broker Services. “Henry Freight Solutions” (HFS) is based out of our Kansas City location. This division will support our current customer’s needs, and fulfill any new customer’s needs in the most efficient way possible. Henry Industries relies heavily on our top notch customer service and clear communication methods. Because of this, HFS will thrive in the freight brokerage market and will provide the same outstanding services Henry Industries is built upon. The services provided within our freight broker division include, but are not limited to: LTL, Full Truckload, Intermodal, White Glove Services, and Customs Brokerage. Within these services we are able to take care of your regional, interregional, and long haul needs with the available carriers we have in the network. All carriers are prequalified before bringing them onboard with Henry Freight Solutions and entrusting them with your cargo. HFS also has the ability to track in real time! If you should have any questions, or are interested in using our freight brokerage services, please contact Matthew Pierce at

What Sets Henry Industries, Inc. Customer Service Apart From the Rest?

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Customer service at Henry Industries, Inc. starts in our very own Vision Statement: To provide the highest quality of service to our clients, through the continuous improvement of our commitment to clear communication, unparalleled customer service, fiscal responsibility, operational efficiency, and dedicated teamwork. The number one motto in-house is that customer service is our top priority. This is what distinguishes us from other courier companies.

What exactly sets our service apart from the rest? Henry Industries, Inc.’s team operates 24/7, 365 days a year.  We are fully staffed at all times to take your call, and promptly address any concerns you may have.  You will always be able to talk to someone “live” with our customer service team! One thing that our service team strongly believes in is being personable with our customers and business partners. It is a goal of ours to go out of our way to make a long-lasting connection with our customers, and to go above and beyond for them. The managers of our company play a huge role in doing this, as they are continuously very hands on with our customers and business partners. When severe weather is forecasted, our management team gets in early and stays late, so that we are continuing to exceed our customers’ needs. Our managers are in constant communication with our customers, ensuring that they will always have a positive experience with our company. Customer service is the heart of Henry Industries, Inc.    

Going the Extra Mile in Adverse Weather

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Going the Extra Mile in Adverse WeatherBeing a third party logistics and distribution solutions provider, winter weather can have a huge impact on our operations. Henry Industries, Inc. goes the extra mile to make sure everything is delivered to our customers, especially in adverse weather conditions! The first step in this process starts with our management team. HII has a designated manager consistently checking weather updates and sending alerts out to all managers 12 hours in advance. Communicating 12 hours ahead of time gives managers the opportunity to get plans in place to ensure our customers deliveries are delayed as little as possible. Once deliveries are in route our customer service team goes above and beyond to confirm everything is on track and will arrive to our customers safely. If there are delays, our customer service team makes certain this information is relayed to our customers to ensure there is 360 degrees of communication. Henry Industries, Inc. ALWAYS considers the safety of our customers freight and guarantees it will arrive even in the worse that Mother Nature can throw at us!


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As an Independent Contractor, you are the boss and you call the shots. Henry Industries provides Independent Contractors with business leads that connect you to companies which require delivery services. The contracted opportunities we offer are not personal, therefore you have the freedom to use your own employees or sub-contractors to maximize your earning potential and grow your business. The more services you contract, the more opportunity for growth. Become a business partner with Henry Industries and discover the power of shared success!

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Henry Industries, Inc. Adds GPS Tracking!

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Moving forward yet another step in technological advancement HII has implemented Xcelerator GPS Tracker, which utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) technology built into Motorola Windows based handsets to allow HII dispatch centers to instantly track delivery progress and dispatch jobs in the most efficient manner possible. Xcelerator allows HII to wirelessly transmit latitude and longitude information to its dispatch centers across the U.S. allowing HII to obtain up to the minute location information. The location information is stored throughout the day, providing an accurate report of a courier’s daily route, which also may include the number of stops they made, how long they were at each stop, their pin-point driving speed at any given time throughout the day, just to name a few. All of this information can be viewed at the end of each business day, or over any segment of time you choose to monitor. With instant updates, Xcelerator enables you to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve safety and enhance customer service.

HII is dedicated to providing its clients with the absolute latest in courier technology in order to assist them in taking the hassle out of their already busy schedules. Being able to stay in close contact with each of your couriers and visually being able to see their current location on the dispatch screen at any given time allows jobs to be dispatched to the correct courier much quicker and give customers accurate ETA times.

Please feel free to contact our Corporate Headquarters in Wichita or our Sales and Marketing Headquarters in Kansas City to learn more about HII’s latest transportation technology.