Henry Industries, Inc. Adds GPS Tracking!

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Moving forward yet another step in technological advancement HII has implemented Xcelerator GPS Tracker, which utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) technology built into Motorola Windows based handsets to allow HII dispatch centers to instantly track delivery progress and dispatch jobs in the most efficient manner possible. Xcelerator allows HII to wirelessly transmit latitude and longitude information to its dispatch centers across the U.S. allowing HII to obtain up to the minute location information. The location information is stored throughout the day, providing an accurate report of a courier’s daily route, which also may include the number of stops they made, how long they were at each stop, their pin-point driving speed at any given time throughout the day, just to name a few. All of this information can be viewed at the end of each business day, or over any segment of time you choose to monitor. With instant updates, Xcelerator enables you to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve safety and enhance customer service.

HII is dedicated to providing its clients with the absolute latest in courier technology in order to assist them in taking the hassle out of their already busy schedules. Being able to stay in close contact with each of your couriers and visually being able to see their current location on the dispatch screen at any given time allows jobs to be dispatched to the correct courier much quicker and give customers accurate ETA times.

Please feel free to contact our Corporate Headquarters in Wichita or our Sales and Marketing Headquarters in Kansas City to learn more about HII’s latest transportation technology.



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